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Berry Steel-Flex® Coreless Liner - 38x58, 0.95 mil, Clear

Berry Steel-Flex® Coreless Liner - 38x58, 0.95 mil, Clear

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PRO-LINK® P.O.G. Paint, Oil & Grease Remover - 22 oz

Available in various sizes. Effectively removes paint, oil, grease and most other solvent soluble spots from carpets. Solubilizes with water for thorough rinsing from carpets.

Manufacturers Item #06122

PRO-LINK® Single Pass™ Carpet Extraction Cleaner - Gal.

A heavy duty cleaner for the dirtiest carpets, using half as much detergent as most other extraction cleaners. Highly concentrated. Won't clog equipment, works in the hardest water. Economical.

Manufacturers Item #06100

PRO-LINK® Sledge Hammer™ Enzyme Carpet Pre-Spray - Gal.

Concentrated enzyme fortified pre-spray. The enzyme activity digests food-based stains and odors.

Manufacturers Item #06104

Royal® Royal-Aire "Y" Bag

7 pack.

Manufacturers Item #AR10140

TUEC 1 1/2" Standard Replacement Cuff

Black. Swivel.

Manufacturers Item #150ESFBK

TUEC 14" E-Z Glide Carpet Tool

For dry pick-up on all carpet types. Gray. ABS plastic. Type: (1) 1 9/16".

Manufacturers Item #60543

PRO-LINK® Microfiber Cloth - Blue

Use wet or dry. Electromagnetically charged microfibers attract and hold dust, dirt and grime. Microfibers provide superior absorption, making this cloth ideal for cleaning or dusting any surface. 16" x 16".

Manufacturers Item #BMFC1616B

P&G Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser - 4 ct.

A highly effective cleaning tool for walls, floors and other non-finished surfaces. Easily and thoroughly breaks up tough dirt with just water alone. Penetrates surface grooves to clean trapped dirt and grime. 4 ct/6 per case.

Manufacturers Item #43516

Roses™ Southwest Paper Bathroom Tissue - 4.3" x 3.1"

Made in America. 2 ply. 500 ct.

Manufacturers Item #R42196